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Legal Documentation


Please download and read the following files carefully, and make sure you understand the meaning of each file.


Client_Categorisation_Policy download
Company’s_information download
Complaints_Form download
Complaints_Handling_Policy download
Conflict_of_Interest_Policy download
Investor_Compensation_Fund download
Privacy_Policy download
Product_Governance_policy download
Risk_Disclosure_and_Warning_notice download
Summary_Best_Interest_and_Order_Execution_Policy download
Terms_Of_Use_of_website download
Cookies Policy download
Client_ Agreement download
Deposits_Withdrwals_Charges download
Pillar III-TheFirstInterstellar-2020 download
PILLAR III_Disclosure and Market Discipline Report for 2021 download
KID-SHARES CFD 29.06.22 download
KID-METALS CFD 29.06.22 download
KID-INDICES CFD 29.06.22 download
KID-FOREX 29.06.22 download
KID-COMMODITIES CFD 29.06.22 download