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Trading Hours

Dear valued clients,

As you probably already know next weekend, wintertime ends in America. To be precise on 12th of March, the wintertime will end in the USA and the time will be changed to daylight saving time. In Europe, though, wintertime will not end until 26th of March. During this two-week period, trading hours for various instruments will start and end one hour earlier to match with the US market closures. To make this change easier for you, we have summarised the upcoming changes and their impact on our trading hours in the following overview.

Current server setting (GMT+2)

FX ESTGMTGermanyCyprus/Server

12th of March (Server time will be adjusted to GMT+3 to ensure that MT4/MT5 server is still opening at midnight)

FX ESTGMTGermanyCyprus/Server

*FX market will open and close 1 hour earlier for the next 2 weeks, but FX market opening on our MT4/MT5 server remains at 00:00 due to GMT+3 setting.

26th of March when EU moves to summer time (Server time remains at GMT+3)

FX ESTGMTGermanyCyprus/Server

*trading times are back to normal as EU is matching US

From 12th of March all European CFD products will open and close 1 our later.
Current time DE40.c : 09:00 – 23:00 server time
Updated time valid for 2 weeks: 10:00 – 24:00 server time
After 26th of March standard trading times will apply.
Let us know in case you have any question. We are happy to help.